seo foco

We started out working on websites back when GeoCities was first providing the opportunity to build. Having always been a fan of technology, it quickly became a hobby. A friend and I each took time to challenge each other on who could build the coolest web site in the mid 90’s. We built off each others ideas and equally had something amazing. It wasn’t really a challenge.  It was a mental push one gave the other to excel.

SEO Fort Collins will provide “the works” for your website.  This includes on-page and off-page SEO. We do link building with high authority websites, social-media marketing, web design, will arrange hosting, PPC, analytics, and keyword research just to name a few.  We will work very closely with you, to achieve the results you desire, and to provide any technical support you may require.

We have a membership page set up for remote clients, however those rates can be adjusted based on consultation.  If you are local we’d prefer to sit down face-to-face to go over your vision so we can began to make it come true.  Most importantly we want to meet you.  We want to build a solid business relationship with you.  We love good word of mouth.  If you ask our client at Maniacs Gym how we do, we are confident you will get an ear full of positivity.

We don’t apply a simple fix or gimmick. We build the foundation to let you rise to the top organically. Your web site will have actual authority that will keep it at the top of the search engines. Having a good domain authority and page authority are the foundations. We understand this and will make sure your foundation is set in stone.