SEO Fort Collins Start Date

We started out working on websites back when GeoCities was first providing the opportunity to build. Having always been a fan of technology, it quickly became a hobby. A friend and I each took time to challenge each other on who could build the coolest web site in the mid 90’s. We built off each others ideas and equally had something amazing. It wasn’t really a challenge it was a mental push one gave the other to excel.

That is what separates SEO Fort Collins from other SEO firms in the area. We don’t apply a simple fix, we want you to succeed. We actually enjoy helping our clients achieve success, and try to keep our rates as affordable as possible simply because we enjoy helping.

The simple fix most firms will use is to factor in a private budget, pretend they are actually doing something, then use a fraction or the allotted money needed to buy ad space to place you at the top of the search engines. Look below at the screenshot of how many actual backlinks this firm has.

SEO Fort Collins Stats

Without advertisement they would be difficult to find.
SEO FoCo is still a brand new website and our keywords are already showing in first place. We spent $0. Have a look:


Beneath all those ads but still in first place on Bing:

SEO Fort Collins First Place on Bing

We don’t apply the simple fix. We build the foundation to let you rise to the top organically. Your web site will have actuall authority that will keep it at the top of the search engines. Having a good domain authority and page authority are the foundations. We understand this and will make sure your foundation is set in stone.